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How to get rid of pimples overnight

Richa Sinha,   27 Oct , 2015  


Pimple is a small pustule, Papule or a kind of a comedo. Pimples are also known as spots and zits they all are small skin lesions or inflammation of the skin. Pimple occur when the sebaceous glands, which are located at the base of hair follicles, become over-active and produces sebum which get infected with bacteria, swell up and then fill up with pus.

There are many types of pimples and one should be aware of its type , that would help them to cure it by using correct treatment.


Types of pimples


A Blackhead is an open comedo. It has a wide opening on the skin with a blackened mass of skin debris covering the opening.Some blackhead may be yellowish in colour because in that case  the comedo is filled with skin debris, bacteria and sebum. More…

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7 natural ways to reduce darkness of the Lips

Richa Sinha,   18 Sep , 2015  

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Every man and woman admires pink soft lips. Pink lips epitomize a beautiful smile. Being of this era people prefer ready-made products to enhance their dark lips and some even avails the surgery option. But here we bring to you some natural techniques which might be a lot useful.

1. Lemon Honey Lip Serum:

lemon honey

Here is the process to remove tan from your lips:

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey to make your tan removing lip serum. The  citrus extracts remove the tan and the honey nourishes the lips to make them pink. Coat your lips with this serum and leave for an hour before wiping off with a soft, wet cloth. This process can be done as many times a day as you wish to remove tan and pigmentation. This serum can be refrigerated and used for a week. Isn’t that super easy? More…

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