Mystery Behind Occurrence of Disasters on 26th Day of The Month

Sanyam Mittal,   28 Oct , 2015  

30 May 1960, Valdivia, Chile --- Damage from the 1960 Chile earthquake, the largest earthquake of the 20th century --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Recently, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India and Tajikistan were shaken up by an earthquake. With its epicentre in Afghanistan, it was a critical one having magnitude of 7.5. Being dated 26, it was in news due to some irrational arguments. In retrospect, numerous disasters were found to occur on 26th day of the month. Some vacuous people raised certain questions while some presented unjustifiable stories as the answers. Although, no justification was established, one will be forced to think upon it as he/she goes through the past figures mentioned below. More…

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