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Beauty Or Brain – Which Is Better ?

eraggarwal,   26 Sep , 2015  

Beauty Or Brain

Beauty or Brain : Which one do you prefer? The combination of beauty and brain is not very common. The one who has got both brain and beauty is by far the most luckiest person on earth. Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses, and the good traits definitely speak out in some or the other way. A beautiful person with his wrong deeds cannot excel; similarly a ugly person with a beautiful soul struggles throughout his life to prove himself. When we come to the discussion who can rule the world – beauty or brain, there come a plenty of points both in favour and against the notion. Let us discuss a few of them.

So firstly we’ll talk about beauty


  • “True beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder”. The beauty which holds the eyes of the one who perceives, rules the entire globe with its attraction.


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