SPOTlight – A Perfect Replacement To Youtube Or Not

By - Sanyam Mittal 22 Dec , 2015  

Besides being the largest platform for watching online videos, Youtube allows uploaders to earn money through monetization of videos, that is, allowing certain advertisements to be displayed during video play. Quite a few websites like DailyMotion were launched to replace Youtube but none succeeded. Latestly, NexGTV launched a tool named SPOTlight, claiming it as a new talent discovery platform where users can upload their original videos and earn money per view.

Monday last, nexGTV announced a “talent discovery program” named ‘SPOTlight’, partnering with bollywood filmmaker ‘Imtiaz Ali’, where users can upload their original videos and earn money per view.

“India, today, is brimming with talented individuals just looking for ways to express themselves through their creativity. Very few people are now going to be able to complain that we did not get the chance to show talent,” said Imtiaz Ali during the launch.

Anomalous Features :

  1. No advertisements to be displayed for monetization.
  2. Uploaders will start earning after 3000 views only.
  3. A maximum of 7 minute video can be uploaded.
  4. Five of the most viewed videos each month will be screened by Imtiaz and his choice for the best one will be awarded Rs 1 lakh.
  5. Video can be streamed across 2G to 4G anf Wi-Fi networks across android, blackberry, ios and Tizen platforms.

Working Procedure :

  1. Upload your original videos, whether it be any field, on SPOTlight.
  2. The video will be screened by the authorities to be free of vulgarity, nudity, obscenity etc.
  3. If found pertinent, it will be approved and published on the nexGTV app.
  4. Once you reach 3000 views, you will start earning.
  5. Additionally, you can win a bumper prize of Rs 1 lakh monthly, if your video is rated the month’s blast.

Although featuring some spectacular features, the app can be encumbered as getting some 3000 views is a real challenging task for average users even on Youtube, so getting these on SPOTlight may take years.


What according to you is the future of this so called app “SPOTlight”? Please leave your reviews.

Can SPOTlight replace Youtube?


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