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How To Access Passwords Remotely Saved In Chrome

By - Shivam Gupta 28 Feb , 2016  

Now-a- Days, we sign-up using many websites but most of the times we don’t remember the passwords. So, we start saving our passwords to the favourite browser like Chrome, Mozilla etc. We face problems related to the ‘Login Details’ and with the Passwords on other devices. But here we got something exciting and helpful for you. This post will help you access passwords remotely.

Here’s a solution made available by google. Google has introduced a new online feature where a user can sync its passwords to Google Account and access Chrome passwords from anywhere in any browser. But to access this feature, you will need to sync your Chrome password first.

So passwords in Google Chrome Browser get synced with available account which already is logged in the System.This feature allow you to sync your saved passwords with your gmail id in an encrypted form. So, don’t worry about its security its “SAFE” and no need to remember all these lengthy and different passwords.Whenever you require it just login with google account and follow these Steps.

access passwords remotely

Lets Know how this feature works:-

  • Go to Chrome ‘Settings‘
  • Sign into Chrome
  • Click ‘Advanced Sync Settings‘
  • Select ‘Encrypt synced passwords with your Google credentials.’

Wait for a few minutes for the Data and Password to get synced online.

Now Access your Chrome Passwords from any Browser

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