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By - Rupesh Pandey 8 Sep , 2015  

Our Government wants us to take part in ‘Digitize India Platform’ and earn MONEY.

In process of making India DIGITAL, our government has launched a special program to involve the people of India and paying them for there work. Many government and private organisations has spend crores of rupees to make their relevant data digital in order to search and modify it quicker. But till now this was not possible due to huge amount of data, increasing every day. The documents are scanned in the name of digitization which makes no difference in searching and organizing it.

Prime Minister in Digitize India Conference

Now our government is try to use what we have in excess – POPULATION. They have opened the conversion of these scanned images to textual data to open public and named it as ‘Pixel to Data’  transformation. To make this possible they have shredded all the documents into small parts to reduce the work load and increase the security. They validate this data submitted by public by matching it to random users text input. The users who provided correct text get rewarded as points which can be converted into money later.

Anyone with the following prerequisites can be a volunteer in this program:

  1. Basic Computer Knowledge
  2. Valid Aadhar Number
  3. Bank Account linked to the same aadhar number
  4. Access to internet
  5. A laptop or a smart phone.

Steps you need to follow to earn:

  1. Signup on Digitize India Platform.
  2. In the process you need to provide your ‘Aadhar Number’ and valid mobile number for verification.
  3. Once you receive the OTP on your mobile, enter it and signup successfully.
  4. Login to your account here.
  5. As soon as you login you will see your dashboard.
  6. Go to ‘workspace’ tab in the top right menu.
  7. Choose your preferred language(s).
  8. Once you have selected your languages click on the button to verify it.
  9. You will see a CAPTCHA like image which you need to fill in order to verify your language.
  10. If your language is verified successfully you will start seeing snippets of that language on your dashboard.
  11. In order to earn money you have to fill those snippets in the provided text box very similar to filling CAPTCHA.
  12. Once your submitted text is verified by text of another user you will be rewarded for that snippet.
  13. Your rewarded points will be converted into money when it reaches a threshold.
  14. This money will be transferred to your aadhar linked account.

According to me this is a very innovative step taken by government, and as an IT person the Digitize India Platform website is the first website I have seen using bootstrap and jQuery (which is considered very good in IT). So I hope our government is on the right track.

For more assistance there is a video guidance too


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8 Responses

  1. Akshay says:

    dear sir .,
    My self AKSHAY Jain I have registered my account on DIP with my Addhar which is link with Bank a/c then i click on ” If u Altrady Attaches click on Check Status “”” “””” showing these link or page isnt work I cant update bank profile or cant connect with my bank a/c so what i do tell me solution sir I cant redeemed my points because of that..
    plz help me sir…

  2. Narayan says:

    I cannot see my bank account my bank is Maharashtra bank help and my adhar card is also linked but it is not showing help

  3. Sitendr Kumar says:

    Hi, I have automatic application which can help you to complete task from Digitize India. It works automatic and unlimited. you can earn unlimited.
    This application gives 95% accuracy ratio. It has capacity to complete 100 snippets within 5-7 mins.
    Cost for everything only 100 /rs.

    Email me at [email protected]

    • Somi shrivastva says:

      SIr, I am not getting any snippets from 2-3 days its really irritating. Please help me what should i do.

  4. lalith kumar says:

    Sir, please specify the time at which the snippets are available in work space

  5. Sukanya says:

    Sir, please specify the time at which the snippets are available and mine is no working for past 5 days

  6. swedha says:

    am still working this website i have redeem with my point but not money in my bank accout so this website fraud..

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