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World – Witness of Innumerable Era’s

eraggarwal,   3 Oct , 2015  

World Networking sites

As, we talk about computers, networking seems to be the foremost subject. Alike history of computers, the world has witnessed networking history constituting remarkable networking sites. With the change in era, people are changing, there thoughts are divine and the change not only occurs in any particular field , all fields are affected and here we see the change in social connectivity by youth, officials, and many others.


  • Hotmail


Hotmail is a free e-mail service provided by Microsoft. It was established in 1995.

As, hotmail is the first commonly mailing site in 90’s and becomes very popular but later on its craze going in dark and people switch to other accounts.

Each user that signs up for a Hotmail account will get 5GB worth of storage space and 25GB of space on Windows Live Skydrive. More…

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5 Non-Consumable Food Articles

Sanyam Mittal,   1 Oct , 2015  

never to eat food articles

Concerned about your health or your belly fat? Over-emphasizing on the physical activities to obtain a good physique and sound health? Exercising is proficient though, it may not be unduly effective unless and until you have good food habits. Good food habits do not mean that you have to undergo some kind of diet chart, instead it refers to what to intake and what not. Their are certain food articles which we consume on daily basis but they need to be avoided. I have listed five eatables which can have worse effects on your health. I am betting three out of these five foods will astonish you, like they did me.

1. Concentrated Drinks

concentrated drinks

Drinks like ready-made fruit juices, thandais etc, come under this category. You must have witnessed some television commercials visualizing concentrated juices and regarding the same as healthy products. But the bitter truth is they are probably the worst drinks for your health. Many might question me, “fruits! are you mad?”, so let me clear I know the problem isn’t with the fruits, instead the process of concentrating the fruits is the one you need to pay attention. You see, most companies remove fibre and other nutritious elements from the fruits while concentrating. Thereafter, nothing so called ‘nutritious’ is left making it a just sugary drink which increases your sugar level, hence, causing you to gain weight. More…

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Top 10 Street Food Places In Delhi

eraggarwal,   29 Sep , 2015  


New Delhi, the capital of India is a place much renowned for the history and the culture ride that it takes visitors who throng there every year. The capital has some amazing monuments, top notch restaurants, shopping markets and some amazing lip smacking street food to offer! Below is a list of the best street food places in Delhi that make it one of the best places to make your taste buds craving for more!


1. Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe wali galli

Gali Paranthe Wali is the name of a narrow street in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi, India, noted for its series of shops selling paratha, a fried Indian bread, and now a popular culinary destination that has been witnessed by huge population including foreigners. More…

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Beauty Or Brain – Which Is Better ?

eraggarwal,   26 Sep , 2015  

Beauty Or Brain

Beauty or Brain : Which one do you prefer? The combination of beauty and brain is not very common. The one who has got both brain and beauty is by far the most luckiest person on earth. Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses, and the good traits definitely speak out in some or the other way. A beautiful person with his wrong deeds cannot excel; similarly a ugly person with a beautiful soul struggles throughout his life to prove himself. When we come to the discussion who can rule the world – beauty or brain, there come a plenty of points both in favour and against the notion. Let us discuss a few of them.

So firstly we’ll talk about beauty


  • “True beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder”. The beauty which holds the eyes of the one who perceives, rules the entire globe with its attraction.


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5 Embarrassing Moments for a Student in Class

Sanyam Mittal,   25 Sep , 2015  

Embarrassing moments in class

Embarrassing moments actually refers to the instant we are found guilty of some stupid acts in front of a bunch of people. People here can be strangers or our friends or family members. We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives. We may face these moments anywhere like market, school, office and so on. A situation becomes more embarrassing if we are with our friends. Hence, the best place for these to talk about could not be better than a school or a college. Here are few embarrassing moments most of us do face in class as a student. “Please do comment below if you feel there is some moment which I haven’t mentioned or your personal moment you will like to share”

1. Getting Caught While Sleeping

Sleeping in class

The worst embarrassing moment which everyone must have faced atleast once is ‘when you are sleeping in an active class and your teacher catches you and asks you to stand’. To be honest, I have been caught a number of times and I know you too. This is an obvious reaction of a human when you are facing such boring lectures which are good for nothing.

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Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India

eraggarwal,   23 Sep , 2015  


Irrespective of the fields, modern era is regarded as the competitive one. Following the fact, their are tremendous amount of “TV shows” aired on different channels. Apart from their count, their are wide varieties of shows like family drama, comedy shows and so on resulting in a prodigious competition. Like always their are some which are more prominent than others. Here are these prominent one’s.


  • Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ye Hai Mohabbatein , previously titled Mera Tera Rishta Purana is an Indian soap opera on Star Plus. It first aired on 3 December 2013, and airs from Monday to Saturday in the evening. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.

The story is partially based on Manju Kapur’s novel Custody and follows Ishita, who is Tamil, and Raman, who is Punjabi. Ishita is sterile and gets attached emotionally to Raman’s daughter, Ruhi, who lives with her divorced father. Raman’s ex-wife, Shagun, lives with her boyfriend Ashok and Adi, her son with Raman. More…


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7 natural ways to reduce darkness of the Lips

Richa Sinha,   18 Sep , 2015  

lip product

Every man and woman admires pink soft lips. Pink lips epitomize a beautiful smile. Being of this era people prefer ready-made products to enhance their dark lips and some even avails the surgery option. But here we bring to you some natural techniques which might be a lot useful.

1. Lemon Honey Lip Serum:

lemon honey

Here is the process to remove tan from your lips:

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey to make your tan removing lip serum. The  citrus extracts remove the tan and the honey nourishes the lips to make them pink. Coat your lips with this serum and leave for an hour before wiping off with a soft, wet cloth. This process can be done as many times a day as you wish to remove tan and pigmentation. This serum can be refrigerated and used for a week. Isn’t that super easy? More…

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Famous Sweet dishes From All 29-Indian States

Sanyam Mittal,   18 Sep , 2015  


India being a diverse nation exemplifies various delectable “sweet dishes”. There are tremendous amount of sweet dishes served in India though, some are very prominent. Every Indian state is known to have a famous sweet dish and here we bring to you a list of these.balmithai

1.Maharashtra – Puran Poli

puran puri

The method of preparation varies from place to place. Sometimes grated coconut is added in Konkan. Coconut Palm, jaggery may be used. Similarly a mix or sugar and jaggery can be used as a sweetening agent. Normally nutmeg is used as a flavouring along the coast which is replaced by cardamom or sometimes both elsewhere. More…

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11 ways to save tax LEGALLY

Sanyam Mittal,   12 Sep , 2015  

easy tax saving

tax saving is not illegalsaving tax is awesomeIf you are reading this, you are likely to be someone whose income exceeds the threshold of ₹ 2.5 lakhs for paying tax. There are some legitimate ways of saving taxes and the good thing is that most of them also help you grow your wealth. These options usually have a lock in period and vary in the nature and amount of return they provide. You must also remember that each of these alternatives also serve specific purposes and tax saving is not the purpose but an ancillary benefit of that.

1. ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds

ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Schemes, are a kind of equity linked mutual funds.  As they invest in equity or stocks, ELSS funds have the ability to deliver superior returns – 14-16% over the long-term. That’s a full 6-8% above inflation.This return is not guaranteed though but historical evidence suggest that these returns are achievable over the long-term.

ELSS funds have a lock in period of only 3 years – the lowest among the options available. The return from ELSS funds is also tax-free. More…

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5 ways to use “EGG” as a ‘Hair Conditioner’!!

Richa Sinha,   9 Sep , 2015  

avocado, egg and banana

Do you enmity your dry, rough hairs? Are you fed up of using deficient shampoo’s? Then this post is for you mate. This era witnessed a rise in pollution and unhealthy food articles and habits which proliferated certain hair issues. Though many prominent organisations launched their product to fight these hair issues, none of them is effective. But now you can fight these problems by yourself by the following five home-made egg products.

1. Avocado, Egg and banana conditioner:

Things Required:

  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Extra virgin olive oil

avacado, egg and banana More…

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