Captain America: Civil War – Latest Trailer

Rupesh Pandey,   11 Mar , 2016  

captain america

Captain America is back with a bang and a whole lot of  stunning action. Official Trailer#1 was released few days back. Recently official Trailer#2 has been released which has got some heart throbbing surprise for you all. So don’t wait and start off the trailer but do remember to watch it till the last, as the last 10 seconds will give you goosebumps.

Do watch till the end for the surprise..



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Enjoy Free Cab Rides (Uber & Ola)

Rupesh Pandey,   8 Oct , 2015  


Ola And Uber Free Cab Rides

Hello our dear readers, we are back with a very beneficial offer for all you readers. You might have heard about the cab companies Ola and Uber. They are offering free cab rides as a promotional offer for upto ₹ 300. Everyone with a smart phone is eligible for these offers. You just need to signup using their app and apply promo code given in this post below. So get ready to enjoy free rides. More…

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Huwei Honor Power Bank Review

Rupesh Pandey,   20 Sep , 2015  

Honor Power bank

Hello Readers,

I recently purchased a power bank from flipkart. It was so good that I thought I must write a review about it.

There are many power banks available in the market like Mi 10400 mAh, Asus Zen Power 10050 mAh and many others. But then there is Huwei Honor Power Bank 13000 mAh which is so nice and value for money.

Features of Huwei Honor Power Bank 13000 mAh

  • 13000 mAh Power Backup
  • Brand like Huwei
  • Double charging port
  • Sleek Design
  • 4 Led lights for level check
  • High Quality Circuits
  • Fast Charging Speed


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Digitize India – All You Need To Know

Rupesh Pandey,   8 Sep , 2015  


Our Government wants us to take part in ‘Digitize India Platform’ and earn MONEY.

In process of making India DIGITAL, our government has launched a special program to involve the people of India and paying them for there work. Many government and private organisations has spend crores of rupees to make their relevant data digital in order to search and modify it quicker. But till now this was not possible due to huge amount of data, increasing every day. The documents are scanned in the name of digitization which makes no difference in searching and organizing it.

Prime Minister in Digitize India Conference

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