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9 Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

By - admin 22 Aug , 2015  

Most of us use Google Chrome as their default browser, but few know about these proficient extensions available for Google Chrome Browser which makes it more powerful than ever.

List of these Extensions

9. Noisli – the extension which keeps you near nature.

If you love nature but don’t have time to be near it, just download this plugin and enjoy naturly voices while working

Noisli Google Chrome Extension Preview

and if you don’t want to install the plugin you can also use the website.

Noisli Website Preview

download the nature here and you can also access it from website.


8. TamperMonkey (GreaseMonkey for Firefox) – the ultimate browser customization tool.

Just skip this one if you know nothing about JavaScript, but if you do this is the best extension for you.

Just for a useless example you can like all posts on your Facebook feed as soon as you open your Facebook.

TamperMonkey Google Chrome Extension Preview

This can do a lot more than just liking FB posts if you can write scripts for it. Download the plugin here and find more info about it on official website.


7. LightShot – Lightning speed snapshots

How often this happens when you want to share a game snap or an amazing post with your friends but couldn’t find any tool to take it. This will not happen now because you have LightShot

LightShot Google Chrome Extension Preview

download it here and if you need any info go to the website.


6. LastPass – Complete password Manager

If you like chrome’s feature which syncs all your browser data then extend it for passwords too. This is an award winning extension for managing password and it is very secure considering the recent hack into its database but still no user data was revealed.

LastPass Google Chrome Extension Preview

download this awesome extension here and find all about this on official website.


5. Tab Snooze – Make your Chrome fully Automatic

Schedule your Chrome tabs to open any time you want in future. You can also setup important reminders like calling someone and Chrome will remind you while you surf the internet.

Tab Snooze Google Chrome Extension Preview

you can find more about this here and add it to your Chrome here.


4. Jot – The Emergency Notepad

Any time you need a notepad you can use your browser’s new tab after installing this extension.

This notepad is customizable in beautiful manners like below

Jot Google Chrome Extension Preview

download this awesome plugin here.


3. ShopZoi – The Complete Shopping Guide

Have ever had the mess of comparing prices of the same product on different e-commerce website just to get the cheapest rate, then stop that and let Chrome do it for you.

ShopZoi Price Comparison Google Chrome Extension Preview

The same extension also saves your efforts in searching new coupon codes to get some extra savings.

ShopZoi Coupons Google Chrome Extension Preview

download this here and the website contains all this and a lot more.


2. Social Fixer – easing your social life

Social Fixer for Facebook fixes annoyances, adds features, and enhances existing functionality to make FB more fun and efficient.

Social Fixer Google Chrome Extension Preview

download this here and find more detail on website.

1. ZenMate – the mini Tor

If you are familiar with Tor Project then you probably already know and use this extension. If not then you must know this plugin can let you browse all blocked or sensitive websites by wrapping a fake IP address over yours. If you still don’t get it then here it the easiest definition It lets you browse all blocked Websites.

ZenMate Google Chrome Extension Preview

you can download this here.

PS: ZenMate reduces your browsing speed as data has to travel a large distance before reaching you.


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