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5 Non-Consumable Food Articles

By - Sanyam Mittal 1 Oct , 2015  

Concerned about your health or your belly fat? Over-emphasizing on the physical activities to obtain a good physique and sound health? Exercising is proficient though, it may not be unduly effective unless and until you have good food habits. Good food habits do not mean that you have to undergo some kind of diet chart, instead it refers to what to intake and what not. Their are certain food articles which we consume on daily basis but they need to be avoided. I have listed five eatables which can have worse effects on your health. I am betting three out of these five foods will astonish you, like they did me.

1. Concentrated Drinks

concentrated drinks

Drinks like ready-made fruit juices, thandais etc, come under this category. You must have witnessed some television commercials visualizing concentrated juices and regarding the same as healthy products. But the bitter truth is they are probably the worst drinks for your health. Many might question me, “fruits! are you mad?”, so let me clear I know the problem isn’t with the fruits, instead the process of concentrating the fruits is the one you need to pay attention. You see, most companies remove fibre and other nutritious elements from the fruits while concentrating. Thereafter, nothing so called ‘nutritious’ is left making it a just sugary drink which increases your sugar level, hence, causing you to gain weight.


2. White Rice

white rice

Rice is a common ingredient in recipes and priority to have with pulses. Moreover, it is a staple food for of the people of the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Most people assume that rice is a healthy food, but this is not true for the white rice. White rice actually refers to the milled rice. Milled rice is the one which has its husk, bran and germ removed to extend its storage life, thus preventing spoilage. On the contrary, rice looses all its nutritious value and is just a food article to consume. It makes your body to store extra fat, resulting in increased weight and heath problems. So always go for brown rice whenever required.


3. White Bread

white bread

Being less costly and easy to prepare, white bread, globally consumed in every household is the simplest breakfast one can have. Many people even consume it on a regular basis, specially college students. But no one is aware of its preparation process.

Breads are made of wheat flour. Alike white rice the wheat flour used in the preparation of the white bread has the bran and the germ layers removed through grinding or milling process, again to increase the storage life. Moreover, the wheat flour is bleached(lighten), with by the use of chemicals such as potassium bromate, azidocarbonamide, or chlorine dioxide gas to have natural yellow shade removed making it more reactive as compared to white rice. Again brown bread is a suitable option.

4. Creamy Salad Dressing

Creamy salad dressing

Always hunting for dishes that have a hot-and-sour flavour, then you surely got some spicy taste buds and creamy salad dressing will be in your favourite list. But ever tried to know about its ingredients, how is it prepared or whether it really contains any vegetables in it? Certainly not, else it would have been cut down from your list well before.

Oil is one of the top ingredients of any salad dressing. Unfortunately, the bulk of oils used in non-organic salad dressings today come from genetically engineered soya or canola, crops that have never been tested for its impact on human health. These crops are grown using massive amounts of pesticides, which can wind up inside of the food, too. This could prove harmful for your health leading to certain severe diseases and fat gain. Opt for self-prepared dressing that too using olive oil only.

5. White Chocolate

white chocolates

Passionate about chocolates? Oh, what an absurd question! Only few aberrant creatures might say no, else not a single person including me could resist having chocolates. But it’s time now to bid them a goodbye.  The problem is with the white chocolates because white chocolate’s health profile is blank as the cocoa content in these white chocolates is absent and they are simply sweets with exaggerating fat.  Cocoa accommodates a set of amazing phytonutrients that can increase blood flow to the brain, protect blood vessels, and boost mood and focus. Hence, dark chocolates are prefered over white as they constitutes cocoa.



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