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5 Embarrassing Moments for a Student in Class

By - Sanyam Mittal 25 Sep , 2015  

Embarrassing moments actually refers to the instant we are found guilty of some stupid acts in front of a bunch of people. People here can be strangers or our friends or family members. We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives. We may face these moments anywhere like market, school, office and so on. A situation becomes more embarrassing if we are with our friends. Hence, the best place for these to talk about could not be better than a school or a college. Here are few embarrassing moments most of us do face in class as a student. “Please do comment below if you feel there is some moment which I haven’t mentioned or your personal moment you will like to share”

1. Getting Caught While Sleeping

Sleeping in class

The worst embarrassing moment which everyone must have faced atleast once is ‘when you are sleeping in an active class and your teacher catches you and asks you to stand’. To be honest, I have been caught a number of times and I know you too. This is an obvious reaction of a human when you are facing such boring lectures which are good for nothing.


2. Getting Caught While Passing Chits


It feels too embarrassing if you are in an exam hall giving exam and you are trying to cheat from chits and the invigilator catches you. But it feels more sad when you are done with it and you are caught passing these chits to your fellow mate.

There is one more situation when you are in a class and conversating through chits and your teacher suddenly comes, hold your hand and take off that chit from you. This situation becomes worse if you had written something about that teacher or the lecture. It just feels like disappearing withing a second.

3. Vomiting During a Lecture

vomiting in class

Many a times students are sick but they are forcefully dropped to school by their parents. Their in nothing much bad about this but it turns to be nauseating if we vomit in the class that too during an active lecture. Everyone seems to be criticising and gazing like we have committed some kind of crime and then nobody is ready to sit beside you.


4. Farting Loudly During a Lecture

Farting loudly in Class

Farting is a natural process. You can never have a hold on it though,  you try to fart slowly such that there isn’t enough sound making everyone to think who did it. But as it is said everything does not go your way all the time, there may be a loud noise of your farting then what’s worse is when it stinks and everyone knows you did it.

5. Wearing Torn and Dirty Clothes

Torn dirty uniforms

Most classrooms have seen more than their fair share of pants ripping, buttons popping, pants wedgies and bra straps snapping randomly. For some reason, these situations have an uncanny way of happening only when you are giving presentations in front of the whole class. And if you thought that nothing can make it more embarrassing, think again. Imagine any of these happening in front of your crush!


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